Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa R2

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Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa R2

The compact and powerful electric powered wheelchair

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Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
The crash test symbol indicates that this chair has been tested for use in a vehicle to ISO7176-19 accreditation or similar.
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The Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa R2 ensures that both indoor and outdoor performance are excellent, rather than sacrificing the performance of one for the other. The compact dimensions of the base and the reduced seat to floor height make access under a table a simple matter, enhancing its indoor ability while the powerful motors (two-pole or four-pole) and adaptable suspension make it ideally suited for outdoor use. The suspension ensures an extremely comfortable drive with up to a max speed of 10 kph. Moreover, accessing the batteries from the rear requires little effort, meaning they can be easily changed.

In addition to this, the Salsa R2 comes complete with an adjustable seating system which can be altered to fit the individual user's needs quickly and easily, and the full range of width, depth, back angle and height can be changed without the need for additional parts. The seat's innovative design allows it to be perfectly adapted for the user, while enabling simple servicing and refurbishment, while alternative backs and cushions can be fitted with minimal hassle.

Other features include the original base integrated LED lights and indicators, a four point tie-down system for transportation in a vehicle and adjustable drive wheel suspension. The Salsa R2 can also be customised with various accessories and options, so please contact us to determine the best possible configuration for you. In addition to this, for peace of mind, the chair comes with a two year warranty on the main frame and parts.

New to the Salsa R2 is the optional Gyro Technology in the base maintains true drive direction, reducing the need for the user to make corrections when driving. This makes the Salsa R2 the most advanced and user friendly rear wheel drive power-chair in its class.
  • Perfect control on cambers - the Gyro ensures that the chair tracks in a straight line even on cambers.
  • Straight line driving even over obstacles. The Salsa R2 is designed to withstand rough terrain and curbs, but with the addition of the Gyro users make fewer corrections adding drive confidence.
  • Enhanced safety - offering a whole new level of confidence.
  • Rear wheel drive base
  • 12.5" drive wheels
  • Drive wheel suspension
  • 60Ah batteries
  • 60cm overall width (with 12" wheels)
  • Red, Blue or White Shroud
  • Motor/wheel disengagement
  • Transportation approved
  • Width, height & depth adjustable seat
  • Flip back, angle, height & depth adj. arms
Seating standard options:
  • Tension adj. backrest sling
  • 70° swing-away leg rests
  • Angle & depth adjustable footplates
  • Adjustable lap strap
  • Height and angle adjustable backrest
For more information please refer to the brochures located under the Documents Tab.


Brand: Sunrise Medical

Product Code: SUNQUICKIESalsa2


Seat width: 41 cm - 51 cm
Seat depth: 41 cm - 51 cm
Castor wheel options: 9" and 10"
Drive wheel options: 12.5" and 14"
Maximum speed: 6 kph / 10 kph
Maximum range: 30 km with 60 Ah batteries / 35 km with 70 Ah batteries
Battery size: 60 Ah / 70 Ah
Maximum dynamic stability: 8°
Overall width: 60 cm with 12.5" wheels / 62 cm with 14" wheels
Turning radius: maximum 120 cm
Maximum kerb climbing: 10 cm (with kerb climber)
Maximum user weight: 140 kg
Colour choices: red, blue and white
New Gyro technology


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