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Useful Information

Hoist & Sling Assessment Guidelines

Designed to assist in the thorough assessment of equipment

This comprehensive guide from Invacare is designed to help carers risk assess a client for the selection of a suitable hoist or sling.

Risk Assessment Guide
Risk Assessment Guide

The Guide includes

  • Key risk assessment principles
  • Functional Independence Measurement (FIM)
  • Stand assist lifters
  • Provision of slings for passive hoists
    • Choosing the correct sling
    • Sling models
    • Sling fabrics
    • Sling sizing
    • Weight capacity
    • Identification label
    • Special slings
    • Stretcher slings
  • Sling and hoist compatibility Hoist selection
    • Spreader bars
    • Passive hoisting systems
    • Mobile hoists
    • Mobile hoist versus overhead tracking hoist
    • Selecting a mobile hoist
    • Overhead track hoists
  • Informed equipment choices


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Hoist & Sling Assessment Guidelines