Accessibility Apps

Here is a list of our favourite apps that have been developed specifically to assist those with a disability:

Avaz (Apple App Store) / Avaz (Google Play Store) – Designed for people who are non-verbal or have difficulty speaking, Avaz uses pictures to assist with communication

Be My Eyes (Apple App Store) – Be My Eyes connects a visually impaired person with a fully sighted person in real time, allowing them to help with all manner of tasks

Colour ID (Apple App Store) / Colour ID (Google Play Store) – Use your mobile camera to identify colours

Tap Tap See (Apple App Store) / Tap Tap See (Google Play Story) – Tap the screen and the app will announce what is in front of the camera

Big Keys (Apple App Store) – Customise your virtual keyboard to make it easier to use

Swift Key Symbols (Google Play Store) – Text prediction technology to assist in communication

Access Now (Apple App Store) – a constantly updated list of buildings and establishments around the world with information on how accessible they are

Roger Voice (Google Play Store) – Designed for the deaf, this app provides a real-time transcript of what the other individual is saying

Do you know of any more mobile apps that others with a disability could benefit from? Let us know at:

Accessibility Apps
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