Sunrise Medical Jay Balance Cushion

Optimal well designOptimal positioning componentsTwo way dartex stretch fabric cover
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Sunrise Medical Jay Balance Cushion

Perfecting the balance between skin protection and stability



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The new Sunrise Medical Jay Balance brings together the high skin protection qualities of the JAY J2 wheelchair cushion with the stability and positioning capability of the J3. This combines to offer a cushion with exceptional comfort and stability.

The new features include foam obliquity pads that are specifically sized to fit the JAY Balance PLA. These can now be used to effectively correct or accommodate flexible or fixed pelvic obliquities when using the JAY Flow ‘Fluid’ insert pad. Velcro strips will also now feature on positioning and non-positioning inner covers of in the PLA region to enable fitting or retrofitting of foam or fluid pads as required. 

  • Improved well design
  • New fluid pad options
  • Soft foam top layer
  • Positioning options
  • Innovative dual cover system
The new well design is centred around anthropometric measurements of the average pelvic bone width, ensuring the cushion is ergonomically suited for the user, with the well size automatically corresponding to the cushion width to enable optimal pelvic stability. In addition to this, the new rear well wall and steeper front well helps reduce fluid migration, meaning the fluid stays where its required and further improves the pelvic support.

The fluid pad options offered with the Jay Balance are the central component of this innovative cushion, as both afford envelopment and immersion of the prominent pelvic bones, enhancing pressure redistribution and maintaining skin integrity. There is a choice between the Jay Flow Fluid (which enhances ease of maintenance due to the small amount of pockets and pleats), the Ease (with which it can be kneaded back into shape and the fact that it can be under or overfilled if required to meet specific needs) or the Roho Air insert. The Roho's air levels can be adjusted in the field to accommodate asymmetrical postures and changing needs, and furthermore, the soft foam top layer is designed to provide a high level of both stability and comfort. The soft polyurethane foam overlay offers support to the trochanters and thighs, while the ischial bones are afforded additional protection when there is loading onto the front well wall.

The sophisticated, dual-cover system is also designed to offer protection and convenience, with the inner cover a two-way stretch dartex fabric that both water resistant and easily cleaned. In addition to this, the Aqua-Guard zipper and anti-wicking thread ensures the base foam stays dry, enhancing the cushion's longevity. There are then three cover options for the outer cover, the Microclimatic cover, the Incontinence cover and the Stretch cover, and each cover allows positioning inserts to be fitted without tension surface being created. All outer covers are machine washable at 60°C and dry quickly, and the Incontinence cover uses 3DX fabric to prevent the build up of heat and moisture to reduce the likelihood of pressure complications. A positioning kit is also available, that includes a left and right 2.5 cm lateral thigh aligner, a 2.5 cm medial thigh aligner and a left and right 2.5 cm lateral pelvic aligner.

There are numerous options and accessories available to individually customise the Jay Balance cushion, so please contact us to determine the best possible configuration to suit your needs.

For more information, please refer to the Brochure located under the documents tab.


Brand: Sunrise Medical

Product Code: SUNJAYBalance


Cushion width: 340mm - 600mm (34cm - 60cm)
Cushion depth: 340mm - 600mm (34cm - 60cm)
Cushion height: 8.5 cm
User weight capacity: 150kg (34 - 50cm widths) / 225kg (56 - 60cm widths) (23.6 stone / 35.5 stone)
Cushion weight: 2.4 kg (40 x 46 with Fluid Insert) /1.9 kg (40 x 46 With Air Insert)
Inserts: fluid / single air / dual air bladders
Outer covers: incontinent / microclimatic / stretch 
Positioning kit: optional


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Optimal well designOptimal positioning componentsTwo way dartex stretch fabric cover

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